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About Us


  • Oldest child must be at least 5 years old by the first day of the semester in order for the family to attend classes.
  • Attending adult members must sign the Membership Agreement and remain on site to serve in assigned jobs each week.
  • Each family must register on GEO’s homeschool-life.com page.  This is necessary for communication and registration.          NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Background check required
  • GEO limits student involvement in any educational classroom setting outside the home to a maximum of 15 hours per week in order to be eligible for enrollment.
  • Public or private school kindergarten students are not eligible for enrollment in GEO
  • Membership is available to students who are enrolled in Running Start as homeschool student
  • Attending children are limited to those whose legal guardians are attending members of GEO.


  • Two 12-week semesters of classes per year 
  • Lots of fun classes like drama, music, science, art, etc.

  • Faith, fellowship and community for homeschool families.

  • Fun outside activities like field trips and mom’s nights out.

Enrollment & Fees (fees are approximate and subject to change before registration date)

  • Membership fee (per year/per family): $60
  • Insurance (per year/per person): $10 per person per semester
  • Facility Fee (per year/per family): $100 *This is charged $50 per semester
  • Background check: One-time fee of approximately $17 paid to Intellicorp
  • Class & Material fees: varies by class and teacher, listed on class grid during class registration. (Typically $15-$20 per class)